Career Planning

  • career_directions“I have been out of the workforce for many years. Where do I begin”?
  • “I am considering a career change. What are my options”?
  • “I just graduated from college. What can I do with my major”?
  • “Do I have what it takes to reach career satisfaction and success”?

With 18 years of demonstrated success in career planning and development, I am confident that I can help you maximize your opportunities for career satisfaction and success, and a balanced work/life. I will guide, coach and support you in creating the best fit between your personal strengths, needs, and preferences, with viable options in the job market.

“Without Michal’s special help, I never would have found a new career. She led me to a teaching career which I loved dearly until my retirement.”
(K.S. Thousand Oaks)

All my services are tailored to your needs. I may assist you with all or part of the steps described below:

Self Assessment – “Who am I and What Do I Want”?
Using standardized and informal assessments, and in-depth discussions, we will help you identify your:

  • Skills, accomplishments, talents and strengths
  • Professional expertise
  • Interests (Strong Interest Inventory)
  • Your passions
  • Work/Life values
  • Personality type (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
  • Learning style
  • Personal and financial considerations

Occupational Exploration – “What is Out There”?
Having completed the process of self-assessment, we will help you generate a list of occupations, and obtain valuable information about them. This process will include:

  • Researching career fields and industries using carefully selected free print and online resources
  • Learning about duties and responsibilities, skills, training and education required, working conditions, salary, employment outlook, career path, and related occupations.
  • Identifying career trends and “below the radar” occupations
  • Conducting Informational Interviews
  • Reality testing, including job shadowing, internships and volunteer work

Career Decision Making & Goal Setting – “How Do I Get There”?
Based on your personal and occupational exploration, we will guide you in narrowing down your choices and achieving career clarity and focus. This will be accomplished by:

  • Developing and implementing decision making skills
  • Evaluating career options
  • Considering  self-employment and/or alternative work arrangements
  • Clarifying and setting short and long-term goals
  • Identifying  barriers for accomplishing your goals
  • Developing coping skills to overcome your challenges
  • Formulating a concrete and realistic plan of action related to your chosen career.
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  • Michal Orenstein-Orpaz Michal is a career counselor, consultant and coach, speaker and seminar leader.She is the owner of Best Fit Careers, with over 18 years of experience in all aspects of career planning, job search and career advancement. She has successfully applied her solid counseling skills, deep knowledge of the field, and cutting edge strategies in a wide range of settings, serving thousands of clients of all ages and stages in their careers gain career satisfaction and success.
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  • Testimonials

    “Several years ago I lost my job as an industrial chemist of 25 years. After discussions with Michal, special assessments and outstanding analysis, she led me to a teaching career which I loved dearly and was dedicated to until my recent retirement. If you need help with career path choice, I strongly recommend you speak with Michal. She is wonderful – very warm and caring and takes a very special interest in her clients”.
    - Ken S., Thousand Oaks, CA
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